Fun Coding For Kids With The 3 C’s

Our education program is meticulously designed for each grade and religiously follows Bloom’s Taxonomy and PBL approach integrated with a 3C learning structure—Creativity, Capacity, and Curiosity. With a accreditation, your young one can embark on the learning journey to explore all the cutting-edge technologies and platforms like Blockly, Scratch, PictoBlox, Arduino, and much more. The Annual STEAM Ladder© Proprietary curriculum helps bridge the gap between the skills of a novice and a field expert.

Technologies You’ll Learn:

At GoGlobalWays, we consider online coding for kids as a stepping stone to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We believe every kid is a future innovator and our technology-wise STEM classes provide a nurturing ecosystem to help the kid become future-ready!

Scratch and Python coding classes

AR and VR Course

AR and VR

App Development

App Development classes

Web Development

Web Development classes

AI and ML

AI & ML classes

Robotics classes

Arduino classes

3D Printing classes

Why Should Kids Learn to Code?

Why is Coding Important

Why Robomax?

Robomax pioneered a unique approach to teaching by conducting our online programs LIVE in small and interactive groups of students.

Engaging Curriculum

Our world-class STEAM curriculum is designed after research done by expert educators from leading institutions.

Self-Paced Learning

Access to learning resources, quizzes, and assignments to make sure you learn whenever and wherever you like.

Real-time competitions

Measure and improve your progress through monthly competitions conducted at national and international levels.

Certification that helps

Enhance your chances of success by getting certification on completing the entire STEAM ladder.

Expert Faculty

We pick the BEST educators through a rigorous selection process to ensure that kids learn in a fun & interactive manner.

Unlock skills of the future

Allow your kid to indulge in an immersive learning experience and develop 21-st century skills with 1:1 sessions.