Presently the Educational Industry is estimated as USD 100 Billion and expected to touch USD 180 billion by 2020 in India. With an increase in the personal income of an average Indian household, more money is being kept aside for education purposes. Today getting more money and infrastructure into the educational sector, enabled by the private sector is clearly not a choice but a necessity with an assurance to democratize the quality of education for all children across the country. The role of franchisee in democratizing our education sector in a country like India is huge, particularly at the school level. Our research (conducted in the last two decades, based on the responses of more than a thousand school teachers, Parents and students) has found that a complementary and a cooperative support system is required. Robomax current academic year’s objective is to function in 20 States with an average participation of 10 Districts from each State. Each district franchisee will be implementing Robomax programme in about 100 schools in their respective district reaching an average of 01 Lac students. Robomax envisages to take Indian Educational Sector into a new trajectory making Robomax Project as a profitable business model with high returns. Robomax offers ROI as high as 100% to 400%, the best in the industry. Robomax franchisee is offered as a unique opportunity to be part of the brand’s outstanding training and business building exercises. For franchisee, it is a long term venture with low risk factor


Mr. Sunil Dhankhar

PTC Circle has provided software solutions for schools which are very easy to use. Thus far, support provided has been truly phenomenal. We highly recommend PTC Circle. We feel proud to be associated with PTC Circle.


Mr. RavinderSaini

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Mr. Sudhir

We had tied up with PTC-Circle to provide the smart information, although right now we are using all IT services provided by the company. PTC Circle is a fast growing technology revolutionizing the education system in India. Using the latest technology, it created ground breaking smart information for the education sector that makes education more and more effective.


Mr. Satish Mathur

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Mr. Suresh Rawal

Thanks to PTC-Circle. This new introduced system is really amazing as I have all information regarding all aspects of the school just at the simple click of a button. This software not only helps me deal with schools, parents, students and teachers more efficiently but I am also able to save precious time of my team productivity.


Mr. PeeyushJain

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Mr. GovindarajanSarangarajan

Our company provides advance tools for real world solutions for gaining practical skills and knowledge for future technology our objective for providing smart education to students in smart schools.


Mr. NileshSolanki

PTC –Circle is really perfect example of complete school management covering all the aspects of academics and administration of the school. The company is based in Rohtak but in spite of that its customer support is excellent.


Mr. Richard Macwan

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Mr. GaganDhamija

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Mr. Rahul Sharma

As the world looks forward to a future of fully-fledged artificial intelligence, you can expect these gadgets will soon have even more advanced features. Really appreciate PTC-Circle to start these services in our Region.


Mr. AbhineetGhai

We think that there are many factors that make PTC Circle a good company. We found some interesting facts about the company very Co-operative staff and Good Projects and very good infrastructure.