About Us

More About Robomax

Robomax is a Product of PTC Circle. We are the best robotics lab provider in Rohtak. We are working with man schools and have a great response from them about our work. We will help you to set up your Labs in your school. We can help you to set up STEM Lab and Atal labs also for your school. Robomax has held many seminars in many schools and got a great response from the student. Students are taking an interest in these seminars. Every school should set up a robotics lab in school so students can interact with future technology. By doing practical in labs students will get interested in future technology which is AI (Artificial Intelligence). Robotics has a big scope for jobs in MNC’s and many International companies.

Why Robotics is Important?

In addition to exemplifying technology by programming the robot directly, students also learn about science, engineering, and mathematics. Robotics is the future technology and going to build the future. The future will be of robots and Artificial Intelligence. This will help students to learn everything about robots and Artificial Intelligence. There is no need for learning theoretical when we can do practically. The lab will help students to learn practical things and implement all the theories in the lab. The Robotics lab in School has all the equipment which builds interest of the students in the Robots and Artificial Intelligence.

Why Robotics is Important in The Future?

Robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the future of this world because you can see robotics and technology everywhere. You are all surrounded by technology which is made by robots and AI. As you have heard about the robot receptionist in a big Company so everyone is looking for new technology and RObots. Robots pay a big role in this world as many companies are using them on a big scale to manufacture their products.